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In 2016 I opened design hostel The YARD in downtown Helsinki. My mission was to make everyone that walked through our doors see the real, amazing Helsinki and get to experience it in a local way. But that was not all Finland had to offer. The Magic of Lapland kept calling and I wanted to share it with my guests.

I noticed how hard it was for our guests book flights, hostels, train tickets, excursions, ferries etc. Most information was in Finnish and so my reception became a free booking hotspot for pretty much anything.


But why waste your holiday on the hassle of trying to find out things to do and what to see?

With our 7-DAY-EXPERIENCE you get it all for the lowest price. The package is designed for solo travelers, so you may enjoy a week of Finland by yourself, or maybe make some new friends in our communal spaces. Our main focus is on your safety - you will be completely covered during the whole trip and everything included in the package is 100 % safe. Solo traveling is an incredible experience but not always the safest if done without excessive knowledge of the country. We as locals will make sure there is absolutely no possibility you will get harmed during your holiday.

That is why this is also the perfect gift for your loved ones!

The package is tried and proven spectacular. 

Come let us show you what Finland is. Leave it up to us to ensure you the greatest holiday of your life. 

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